HiDPI modes*

  • “Great new utility to rapidly change screen resolutions with a hotkey.”

  • “I’ve settled on Eye-Friendly because of its clean menu design and, most important for my work setup, its easy support for multiple displays.”

  • “Amazed at how handy Eye-Friendly is, especially the keyboard commands.”

Some Display Resolutions

Sharp and Qualified Display Resolutions

  • Enjoy superb sharpness (in HiDPI modes*)
  • Observe HiDPI and native resolutions tagged as "eye-friendly" and optionally hide any other
Eye-Friendly Keyboard Shortcuts

Convenient Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Use predefined keyboard shortcuts to casually step through resolutions.
  • Skip resolutions by hitting a shortcut repeatedly. Eye-Friendly will display resolution descriptors en passant while you are stepping.

Eye-Friendly Support

System Requirements

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher and a 64-bit Intel Mac (almost any Mac shipped since late 2006).

*) Adequate set of HiDPI modes available only on Retina Macbooks. Minimal set of HiDPI modes available on other Macs with Quartz Debug installed

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